This 5 Year Old's Makeup Tutorial Is Adorable AF!

The internet is LOVING it!

This 5 Year Old's Makeup Tutorial Is Adorable AF!

Image: Charli Rose Youtube

Unicorn-themed products are everywhere at the moment.

Unicorn cakes, unicorn hot chocolate, unicorn nails... the list is endless!

Tarte Cosmetics have just released their own line of Unicorn makeup and brushes which we've completely fallen in love with!


Beauty blogger Charli Rose has fallen in love with them as well and has decided to record a tutorial using the glittery new products.

We should probably give you a heads up as well.

Charli is only 5-years-old.


This pint-sized queen has her own YouTube channel dedicated to all things beauty.

She's a model for Gap Kids and really knows how to work a highlighter brush.

This girl really knows what she's doing and honestly, we could see her killing the beauty game in the near future.

It is a bit odd to see a 5-year-old putting on makeup, especially when she can apply eyeshadow better than we can!

Check out Charli's tutorial and let us know what you think!