There’s A 'Stranger Things' Eyeshadow Palette & OMFG

Christmas came early...

There’s A 'Stranger Things' Eyeshadow Palette & OMFG Netflix

Christmas just cam early, because someone invented a Stranger Things eyeshadow palette and it has our heart racing!

Reddit user hmemoo took to the site to share their invention and we need this to hit our stores ASAP. 

They drew inspiration from the show’s leading characters, the settings and key moments, to create shades aptly named after them. 

The mock up of the palette features smokey shades from a moody burgundy, to burnt ginger and navy shimmers. 


To create this, the user actually used real life eyeshadows in their mock up. 


Here’s what they used!

Demogorgon - Colour Pop ‘Glass Bull’

Hawkins Lab - Makeup Geek 'Bed Rock’ from Makeup Geek

Upside Down - Makeup Geek ‘Nautic'

Shadow Monster - ColourPop 'Let's Do It’

Dart - Colour Pop 'Tea Garden’

Eggos - Colour Pop ‘Tiki'

Mad Max - Makeup Geek ‘Earlybird'

… and Eleven - Makeup Geek 'Bitten'.

Who wants these for Christmas?!