The Internet Is Not Happy With Victoria's Secret Right Now

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The Internet Is Not Happy With Victoria's Secret Right Now

We all consider different things sexy.

Some people find intelligence sexy, others think a good sense of humour is enticing, but one thing we can all agree on, is that sexiness depends on your personal preference.

A diverse range of women can be considered sexy, which is why a lot of Twitter users are not happy with Victoria's Secret right now.

The popular lingerie brand posted their annual 'What Is Sexy?' list not too long ago and people have said that the company's idea of sexy isn't actually that diverse.

Victoria's Secret defines a sexy woman as one who is bold, powerful and confident. 

"From artists to athletes, these women (and men) are at the top of their game, and inspire us to work harder and keep it sexy every day."


The brand has used a diverse range of models for their iconic runway show in the past, which is why the internet is so confused about their "sexy" list.

These are the ladies that Victoria's Secret deemed sexy this year:

"Sexiest Actress: Mandy Moore.
Sexiest Fitspiration: Nikki Reed.
Forever Sexy: Margot Robbie.
Sexiest Red Carpet Look: Priyanka Chopra.
Sexiest Entertainer: Taylor Swift.
Sexiest Festival Style: Jamie Chung.
Sexiest Sense of Humor: Billie Lourd.
Sexiest Smile: Victoria Justice.
Sexiest Cast: The Royals, E!
Sexiest Author: Chrissy Teigen, Cravings.
Sexiest Style Risk-Taker: Vanessa Hudgens.
Sexiest Breakout Star: Riley Keough.
Sexiest Snapper: Catt Sadler
Sexiest Songstress: Lady Gaga.
Sexiest DJ: Alexandra Richards.
Sexiest Street Style: Olivia Munn.
Sexiest Rising Songstress: Bebe Rexha.
Sexiest Mogul: Lauren Conrad.
Sexiest Late Night Host: James Corden.
Sexiest Athlete: Julie Johnston."

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