The Biggest Sign That Your Facial Is Actually Bad For Your Skin

If this happens to you... run!

The Biggest Sign That Your Facial Is Actually Bad For Your Skin

Image: MGM

Who doesn't love a good facial?!

Being pampered is always great, but when you're also having a soothing face mask applied to your stressed skin, it's bliss!

A lot of the time, a facial can save your skin, unfortunately, not every facial does what it's supposed to do.


Sometimes you can go in expecting to have your face rejuvenated but come out looking like a sunburnt tomato.

So how do you know you're getting a bad facial?

Here are a few things to look out for when you think your facial ain't working like you should.


Your Skin Is Left Red & Irritated

Tammy Fender, a celebrity esthetician, told Refinery29 that if you're leaving the spa looking like a lobster, something's definitely wrong.

"There is no reason you should leave a facial with redness or irritation.

"The formulas I use are powerful but are never aggressive on the skin, which, around the eye area especially, is extremely delicate.

"An esthetician should never use harsh chemical products that damage skin rather than refine it."


You Feel Ignored

New York-based facialist Joanna Vargas explained that if you feel like your facialist isn't listening to your concerns, you're probably not going to get what your skin needs.

“You should never feel like the esthetician isn't listening to your concerns.

"That is the number one thing I ask for before I begin working with a new client.”

You Don't Get Asked Enough Questions

Your facialist needs to know what you're currently using on your skin otherwise, chemicals could wreak havoc on each other and things could end very badly.


Keep these tips in mind and you'll never have a bad facial again!