That FREE Mac Lipstick Giveaway Was A Huge FAIL

Did this happen to YOU?!

That FREE Mac Lipstick Giveaway Was A Huge FAIL

Image Credit: MAC Cosmetics. 

We all got the huge news on Friday that there would be a massive giveaway of MAC lipsticks for National Lipstick Day on July 29.

You were excited, we were excited, everyone was excited… but turns out it was all a huge FLOP. 


The beauty brand was giving out free MAC LipBullets at local MAC, David Jones and selected Myer stores.

Fans were told to show up, follow the MAC Instagram page, and then get a free lippy. Unfortunately, it didn’t go to plan. 

Thousands of customers showed up and left empty-handed, as the stock of free lippy ran out in MINUTES… 

Customers weren’t happy about the service and the obvious lack of preparation for the demand, with some stores only stocking 40 lipsticks to give away. 

Line-ups went for over 300 metres at many stores, but they all sold out in only minutes, leaving many upset… 

What’s that old saying?

First in first served…?

The world can be so cruel.