Reindeer Eyebrows Exist For A Guaranteed Blitzen Look

You'll go down in history!

Reindeer Eyebrows Exist For A Guaranteed Blitzen Look @bbqbeauty Instagram

With Christmas tomorrow, we're all scurrying to get our outfits for the day lined up; will this be a casual lunch? Will I even wear shoes? Should I organise a theme amongst the cousins? But have you thought about what you're doing with your eyebrows? 

Christmas 2017 has been the season of festive eyebrows. So far, we've seen Christmas tree brows, bauble brows, and even tinsel lashes - but we're going to say the reindeer brow has taken the cake. 


The idea seems relatively straight forward - assuming you have a steady hand - use a thin black eyeliner to outline the shape of a reindeer onto your eyelid, then fill in with both a white and brown shadow, finish off by turning your brows into the reindeer's antlers! 

You can thank makeup artists Bri Bardic, Bianca Houlgrave, and Van Beauty for this look, who all collaborated to come up with some festive style creations! 

Are you trying out any of the eyebrow trends for Christmas this year? Let us know in the Facebook comments!