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Peter Alexander's Collection Of Incredibles Pyjamas Is Just Incredible!

Dash in and grab them!

Peter Alexander's Collection Of Incredibles Pyjamas Is Just Incredible! Disney Pixar / Peter Alexander

Dear children, your mother is an amazing woman who brought you into the world and is basically a superhero because of how amazingly she handles her life.

So, to remind her just how much you love her, take a note out of Edna Mode's book and gift her a brand new wardrobe... of sleepwear!


Because the second Incredibles film is on the horizon, and everyone loves their cartoon-inspired collections, Peter Alexander has created a line of sleepwear dedicated to the superheroes in your life, that are covered in the most badass quotes from the first film.

This nightgown will tell everyone that your mum won't leave saving the world to men...

This pyjama set will let everyone know how much your mum kicks butt...

The baby in your life may actually be hiding their own superpowers, so they have a little onesie for them...

The older kids can also get in on the fun with their own pyjama sets...

Aaannnddd we can't forget about the dads...

Images: Peter Alexander

Now, can someone please explain why Frozone is not on any of these pyjama sets when he is just as important as the Parr family...



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