Giant Bumbags Are The 2018 Trend For People Who LOVE To Carry Too Much

Fits everything but the kitchen sink...

Giant Bumbags Are The 2018 Trend For People Who LOVE To Carry Too Much Prada

We all know someone who loves to carry everything but the kitchen sink in their handbag. 

They’re the friend we always go to if we forgot some lippy, or some other commonly held item, and more often than not, they have it!

So, these new designer bum bags from Prada are probably the most perfect gift you could ever get for a friend like this… but only if you have a spare AU$2,060 up your sleeve. 

Prada’s New Vela belt bag is basically the biggest bumbag you have ever seen in your life, and it’s selling for AU$2,060 on Matches Fashion, and also on Prada’s website.

Here’s every possible angle you could want of the bag:


The bag features a rather box nylon bag with studded leather straps on the front and belt, and comes in white, black, and red.

Prada is selling the bag in size ‘Z’, which has ‘modern attitude’.

Matches Fashion sells the bag in size ‘M’, calling it a “bold interpretation of the belt bag trend,” and prompts customers to “play up the oversized proportions by styling it with chunky knitwear."

Know a friend who a) would LOVE this, and b) has the money for it?

Well, you better let them know in the Facebook comments!


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