Crop Tops For Men Are A Thing Now If You’re Into That

So your guy can show off his bod

Crop Tops For Men Are A Thing Now If You’re Into That

A few bizarre trends have popped up on our radar this year, including denim g-strings, but another has just arisen for gym-loving guys who love showing off their abs:

Crop tops for men. 

That’s right, ASOS has brought out the male crop top to help guys everywhere show off their mid-sections in the way that girls love to, because fashion should be equal, too, right…?

ASOS describes the crop top as fitting “you just right” and that it’s the perfect style choice for when “less is more.”

We ALL know a guy who loves to wear tight shirts and show off his muscles, or one that lifts up his shirt all the freakin’ time to show off his abs of steel. 

Hell, we’re sure there are guys out there without abs of steel who love to go around doing the same thing, so this crop top doesn’t discriminate. 

Pairing their shorts with a crop to really bring in the warmer months? Maybe this is just what guys need.

Let us know if YOU know a guy who would wear one of these!



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