'Bubble Backpacks’ Are In Again, Coz The 90’s Will NEVER Die

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'Bubble Backpacks’ Are In Again, Coz The 90’s Will NEVER Die Topshop / ASOS

Over the years, we have seen a lot of retro trends make a comeback. 

From scrunchies to jelly sandals, we now have a new item that’s decided to make itself relevant again:

Bubble backpacks. 


Overseas store Poundland is selling a whole new range of these beauties. 


In an array of different colours and sizes, these backpacks will surely be the statement piece you’ve been looking for. 

Just like those blow-up plastic lounges you used to get as a kid, we recommend you do not jump on these bad boys - they’re not mini jumping castles. 


Topshop also selling pretty pink ones, FYI!


ASOS is selling a blue one, too - but be warned, they’re already out of stock. 

Now, if only they’d make a more eco-friendly, non-plastic version of these so we could feel better about sporting them around… 



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