Brides Are Opting For Capes Over Veils In 2018 & They’re Looking Fierce!

We're loving this look!

Brides Are Opting For Capes Over Veils In 2018 & They’re Looking Fierce! NBC

In 2018, brides-to-be from all over are deciding to turn on the traditional veil and say hello to the chic cape instead. 

For many, weddings are all about keeping it strictly traditional, however, with a new generation of weddings underway each day, we're seeing more and more modern twists on the classic wedding customs - such as the opt for a cape over a veil. 

According to Caleche Bridal designer Liz Foubert, veils are being ditched by brides as more women are deciding upon simplistic looks for their big day. 




“We found that girls are loving the simpler dresses ... and possibly are undecided about wearing a veil,” Liz told The Advertiser

“Having a cape is a great alternative because they can wear it for the ceremony, get the beautiful photos ... but they can take it off quite easily and change the look of the dress at the same time.”




“A cape train is becoming more popular where it comes from the shoulder and creates a ''flowy' effect down the back of the dress,” added GretaKate designer Greta Rumsby


Well, if there's one thing we learned in 2017, it's that women are damn superheroes - so, if anything, brides accessorising their wedding dresses with long, flowing capes, only further projects this sentiment. 

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