Blake Lively’s Secret To Perfect Hair Has Been Revealed


Blake Lively’s Secret To Perfect Hair Has Been Revealed

We’ve all obsessed over Blake Lively’s perfect, shining hair, right?

We’ve also wondered how the hell it can be so perfect all year round.

Well, never fear, because we finally know the secret behind her luscious locks!

Blake’s hairstylist Rod Ortega, revealed the simple hack to health hair in an interview with W Magazine. 

He revealed that he encourages all of his celeb clients to change their shampoo based on the season. 

For summer, moisturising shampoos are best to battle sun damage and make sure your hair is hydrated. 

For colder seasons, volumizing shampoos are best.


"It's always good to switch off shampoos every once in a while.

"You could do a volumizing shampoo in the winter because you might be wearing a lot of hats, or a nice moisturising, hydrating shampoo during the summer because there's more sun."

He also went on to say that, when it comes to washing your hair,  ‘second-day hair’ is the best for your locks. 

"I would say every other day but it depends on your body chemistry.

"If you produce a lot of oil, then it would be more frequent. But second-day hair is always the best. You could also go three days and put dry shampoo at the roots."