Beauty Products You Can Share With Bae & Be Cute AF

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Beauty Products You Can Share With Bae & Be Cute AF

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Women seem to have all the fun when it comes to beauty products. 

Yes, everything they buy is hella expensive sometimes, but the products can help to keep our skin in tip-top shape. 

So why shouldn’t men be cutting in on the trend as well?

Many label skin care and beauty products as un-manly, but what is un-manly about looking after yourself?





Which means this might be of use to you and will help you segway into the realm of looking after your skin… by sharing with your bae. 

This works two ways, because there are mens products that women can use also that are excellent. 

Hygiene-wise, you don’t need to worry about sharing becoming a problem, because it’s a-okay to share these products and you’ll be better off for it!

So, without further adieu, here are the top gender-neutral products you should be sharing with your bae, in order to save some moolah and be cute AF. 





We ALL know the wonders that dry shampoo works.

Your bae should be reaping the benefits of it also!

Hair-Styling Agents

Gel and the likes aren’t just to keep your guy’s hair looking slick. 

Girls, get in on it, because it will leave your hair frizz-free with an awesome matte texture. 

Coloured Shampoos

For the men out there, and women, who are going grey in style, you’ll be able to keep those beautiful greys looking beautiful with a silver shampoo!


Everyone loves Calvin Klein, right?

Well if your man, or your woman, is rocking a scent that you LOVE, then sharing is caring. 

Scents should be gender-neutral, ‘coz everyone wants to smell damn fine. 




Lip Balm

The days of thinking lip balm is for women alone are gone!

Lip balm will keep your lips in tip-top soft shape and protect against the harsh winter chill. 

Of course, you can buy separate lippy’s if you don’t wanna share germs (even though all that kissing you do is essentially the same, folks!)

Pore Blurring Products

It’s makeup, but not. 

Something like Hylamide’s Pore Delete product will give you a clear, pore-blurring look that has an immediate retouch effect!

Spot Treatments

Everyone gets blemishes, so it’s silly to expect that only women treat them. 

It’s a simple matter of looking after your skin & totally gender neutral!

Wrinkle Erasers

Everyone secretly, or not-so-secretly, complains about wrinkles and frown lines. 

There are plenty of cheap wrinkle sticks on the market to help those frown lines when your man is grumpy as all hell. 

Nip + Fab’s Viper Venom Frown Fix is a sure way to go!

Face Moisturising Sunscreen

Combine the best of both worlds, and hydrate & protect your face at the same time!


Cleaning your skin and all the dirt away is a simple basic of looking after yourself. 

So don’t be afraid to wash all that dirt away!

Teeth Whitening Strips

Is your bae using teeth whitening strips & you’re totes jealous of their brighter smile?

Well, why not try it out, too?

Of course, don’t use the same strip your bae is using… 

Everyone deserves pearly whites if they so want them!


Get sharing, folks. 

Everyone deserves some smooth, well-looked-after skin & to feel fresh AF.