YOU GUYS: Tyga Reportedly Wants A Paternity Test For Kylie’s Newborn Stormi

Take a seat.

YOU GUYS: Tyga Reportedly Wants A Paternity Test For Kylie’s Newborn Stormi

Alright you guys, we're going to need you to grab your favourite snack and take a seat because... we got goss. 


We're definitely onboard with Kylie Jenner's decision to keep her pregnancy under-wraps in order to avoid stress because it's been literally four days since the announcement and already, well, drama has ensued. 


Now, if there's one major stink that constantly lingered in the background of Kylie's pre-confirmed pregnancy to rapper boyfriend Travis Scott, it was the speculative baby daddy dramz worthy of a Maury Povich reveal.  


Yes, indeed we are talking about Kylie's on again/off again relationship with ex-boyfriend Tyga... which ended for good approximately nine months ago, April 2017. 




So, obviously this odd timeline was going to be questioned at one point or another, but the only issue was, up until four days ago, there was no actual confirmation that the 20-year-old WAS pregnant. 


Fast forward to now, and we have a healthy, happy baby girl, Stormi, and it's taken the entirety of 96 hours for Tyga to reportedly ask for a paternity test. 


“Tyga wants a DNA test because he really thinks that there is a chance this baby could be his,” a source close to the rapper told RadarOnline“Tyga told friends that he was still sexually active with Kylie nine months ago, when this baby was likely conceived.”


Now - YES, this is a ~source~ but bare with us.


You may recall that when Kylie and Travis' pregnancy news first broke, Tyga was quick to jump on social media, claiming that the unborn child was his. 



Sure, it's only ~inside sources~ for now, but hey, you can't argue with that timeline. 


We'll be sure to keep you updated on any further bebé dramz. 




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