World Apologises For Attacking Chrissy Teigen’s Joke About Plastic Surgery

Taken way out of context.

World Apologises For Attacking Chrissy Teigen’s Joke About Plastic Surgery

Yesterday we reported on news that was circling the globe, about an interview in which Chrissy Teigen revealed she had undergone extensive plastic surgery to her forehead, nose and lips. 

Video of the interview was non-existent and textual information was thrown around the net, and as we all know - it is very, very difficult to guage someone’s tone through text alone. 

Cue all those memories of when someone took a text or email you sent out of context… or didn’t sense that you were joking. 

We’ve all been there. 

This meant that the comments of Chrissy admitting to having plastic surgery were not taken in the sarcastic manner she had spoken them in. 


In the interview with Byrdie, Chrissy had said, “'Everything about me is fake except my cheeks’.

“Teigen pointed to her forehead, her nose, her lip. ‘Fake, fake, fake’.

"'I had my armpit sucked out. It added two inches of length to my arms. Now [the fat] is back though, so now I've gotta pay for it again'."

Unfortunately, even the original source didn’t catch on to revealing Chrissy was only joking. 

In true Chrissy fashion, she has taken to Twitter to take the p*ss out of it all.


Misreports were common all around the globe, with the expression of tone having been missed, and fans haven’t been harsh on them due to the situation at hand. 

So to Chrissy, we apologize. 

And even if you had of undergone plastic surgery, we’d pass no judgement - as we chose not to do yesterday, because you’re an empowering figure for many women around the world. 

As always, Chrissy is understanding and up to make a joke out of anything, which is why she is to be admired by all.