WATCH: Selena Gomez Had A SCARY Run-in With Paparazzi

She looks so scared...

WATCH: Selena Gomez Had A SCARY Run-in With Paparazzi

Being a celeb in tinseltown might be a dream come true in terms of pursuing the career you want and earning lots of moolah, but it also comes with a chaotic life where privacy becomes non-existent thanks to paparazzi. 

Selena Gomez is one of those celebs the paps can’t seem to leave alone and she had a scary run-in with them recently. 


In a video taken on Wednesday, Selena was surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi and became frightened, telling them, "You’re scaring me.”

The video has been shared across the internet, showing Sel leaving a Starbucks store in Newport Beach, to then be swarmed by a few paps.

Visibly uncomfortable and scared, she replied to them with, ‘Do you guys mind if I just have the rest of the day? Because you’re kind of scaring me…”

The photographer grilling her with questions then said that there were so many others that it was competitive for who would get to snap her pic and ask a question. 

She replied, meekly saying “Okay, I’m sorry" - not that she needed to be apologetic at all for the disregard for her privacy!


You can watch a better view of the video HERE

We hope Sel gets the rest she needs!


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