That Sinful Pic Of Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Sideways Was STAGED

Here's the video PROOF!

That Sinful Pic Of Justin Bieber Eating A Burrito Sideways Was STAGED AAP Photos / Mad Mex

By now, you should be all across that blasphemous photo of Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways that has popping up everywhere. 

Well, things were NOT as they seemed, because it turns out that the image was staged… Even more, it wasn’t even Justin Bieber - it was a lookalike, so ‘die hard Beliebers’ really didn’t know their almighty JB that well, did they?


The Blast spoke with the person who originally uploaded the pic - someone named Connor who revealed to the media outlet that the pic as taken in West Hollywood on Friday. 

It then went viral, as you all know, and now a group called Yes Theory has uploaded a YouTube video to admit the whole thing was staged. 

That’s right, it’s fake. 

The team called upon a Justin lookalike from Canada, dressed him up, and then shared the photo to Reddit

The rest is history. 

Yes Theory unveiled how they carried out their master plan in the video below! 


One fan redeemed themselves though, because they 100% knew it wasn’t Justin, writing, “This isn't Justin Bieber. The person in this pic has a completely different (current) hair color to the Biebs, as well as shape and size of his hands. It's a misidentification that went viral on reddit. It happens. It's not an old pic of JB either. Trust me on that.”


Only a true fan would know JB’s hands so well…


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