Sylvia Jeffreys Has Written A Strong Letter About Same-Sex Marriage

A vote was conducted overnight...

Sylvia Jeffreys Has Written A Strong Letter About Same-Sex Marriage

Image: @sylviajeffreys Instagram

Last night, it was announced that the government would be attempting a plebiscite on same-sex marriage for the second time.

Since then, Australia and some of its most well-known faces have spoken out about the issue.

This morning Karl Stefanovic gave a strong argument on The Today Show telling the government to "pull your fingers out" and now his sister-in-law and colleague, Sylvia Jefferys, has done the same.


The presenter has written an article for Channel Nine's website, explaining that "I married the man I love, gay people should too."

She started the article by discussing last night's vote and the decision that the Liberal MP's came to...

"As a result of the Liberal party pow-wow, the legalisation of gay marriage now rests on a voluntary and non-binding postal vote.

"One of the most defining social issues of this generation will be determined by snail mail and by those who can be bothered dealing in envelopes and stamps.

"In choosing this route, the people we elected to represent us are passing the marriage equality decision like a steaming hot potato, shirking their fundamental responsibility to lead.

"If the postal vote fails, the politicians can blame us, the voters, for not making it happen."

She then started to discuss her own marriage to Peter Stefanovic and how it was witnessed by various gay friends and family.


"A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to experience the indescribable joy of marrying the man I love.

"Our commitment to one another was witnessed by several gay friends and relatives who are in their own loving relationships.

"Our love is equal to theirs and their commitment deserves equal celebration and respect."


Sylvia told those who are currently unable to marry in Australia to look overseas for comfort, as so many other nations have legalised gay marriage and have, in turn, embraced it.

"As Marriage Equality Advocate Alex Greenwich so eloquently put it on TODAY this morning, 'When marriage equality passes no one will be less married or more gay'."

Sylvia ended her article by saying that a "conscience vote" will be the only way that marriage equality will be possible in Australia.

"A conscience vote is the only respectful and compassionate way forward and the plebiscite is, therefore, a promise worth breaking."

You can read the full letter here.