Simon Cowell Hospitalised After Collapsing From Mystery Illness

Doctors are looking at tests.

Simon Cowell Hospitalised After Collapsing From Mystery Illness ITV

A shaken Simon Cowell has revealed he was rushed to hospital last night after suffering a 'terrifying' fall which doctors fear may happen again. 

The 58-year-old is currently suffering neck pain after he was rushed to hospital for a brain scan after fainting in his home yesterday. 

Despite undergoing a series of tests and scans, doctors are still uncertain what caused the fall and have advised the X-Factor judge to skip this week’s live shows as the lights and heat in the studio may trigger a repeat incident. 


According to The Sun, Simon was looking after his three-year-old son when he fainted and fell down the stairs in his home. 

He was found by a member of his security team who had heard a loud noise and called emergency services. 

Paramedics fitted Simon in a head brace and attached him to a spinal board, fearing he had broken his back. 

“It’s been scary. A shock to the system,” he told the online publication.“I’m feeling OK. I fainted. I just had a bit of concussion."

In response to questions as to whether he will be returning to X-Factor, Simon explained: “I will be back but I don’t know about tomorrow. But I’m feeling OK.” 

Rest up, Simon and get well soon!