Samuel Johnson Targeted In A Cruel Joke


Samuel Johnson Targeted In A Cruel Joke

Image Credit: Love Your Sister

Poor Samuel Johnson has found himself caught up in the middle of a cruel joke.

Just yesterday, Samuel’s silver Logie was stolen from a Melbourne pub where it had been on a public display to help raise awareness for his charity Love Your Sister.

Thankfully, The Brunswick Hotel were quick to act and reported the Logie as being stolen.


Richard Kruk, who is the owner of The Brunswick Hotel told 9NEWS that the Logie was thankfully found after being thrown in the bushes at a nearby golf course.

Two men were later arrested… but Samuel being the good egg he is, decided not to press charges.

Kruk said to 9NEWS, “The Logie was at the bar one minute, next minute he was gone. We made a few phone calls and he turned up at the police station safe and sound.”

Adding, "You always think it’s a joke and so many people have come in and tried to take photos and did the whole ‘I’m going to take off with it’, and I think at the time the bar staff thought it was a joke as well.”

Safe to safe it’s been a pretty eventful week for the family.

Earlier this week, Samuel and his sister Connie hosted their biggest fundraising event in Canberra where they managed to break the record of having the most 5c pieces in a row and they raised a massive $2 million for cancer research.


We are so glad they found it!