Ryan Reynolds Crashed Hugh Jackman’s Insta & OH BOY

This guy...

Ryan Reynolds Crashed Hugh Jackman’s Insta & OH BOY

Ryan Reynolds has cemented himself as one of Hollywood’s hottest leading men, not only because he’s got stellar looks, but he’s got the best sense of humour and seems to treat his lady, Blake Lively, like the princess she is. 

In true Ryan style, he decided to prank his friend Hugh Jackman by crashing his hotel room as Deadpool

Hugh posted a video to his Instagram, where he was trying to record a birthday message for someone… until the camera panned to show Deadpool, a.k.a. Ryan, lying on his hotel bed and interrupting his every word with lines from Annie’s Tomorrow and ‘Who Let The Dog’s Out?’ by Baha Men


While this is all just good fun and games, we really REALLY want to know why the hell Ryan is in Hugh’s hotel room dressed as Deadpool!

Is Hugh making a cameo in the film?

Is this just another part of promo for Deadpool 2?

And the most important question of all, as Deadpool posed, ‘WHO let [the dogs] out?"


"No one knows… No one ever solved that mystery…"


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