Reports: Scott Disick Got His Cheating Ass Dumped By Sofia Richie

Better off alone?

Reports: Scott Disick Got His Cheating Ass Dumped By Sofia Richie Instagram @ Sofia Richie

This story has been updated since it was first released - read update at the bottom!

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick definitely weren’t two people we ever expected to couple up. 

But couple up they did… and now it’s all, reportedly, come to an end amid a string of cheating claims. 


According to reports, the 35-year-old father of three cheated on his 19-year-old girlfriend with another woman last Friday, while at Kanye West’s listening party.

Low? You betcha… 

PEOPLE have now reported that after nine months of dating, Sofia has dumped him over “old issues.”

According to US Weekly, Scott had already cheated on Sofia after they took a trip to St. Barts. Sofia decided to stay with him, despite her dad being severely unhappy about the cheating and hating his playboy ways. 


The source said, “[Lionel Richie] said he is going to cut her off and write her out of his will if she continues her relationship with Scott as he thinks he’s extremely toxic for her.”

Sofia and Scott were then thought to have fought, with Scott running off to Wyoming to have a one night stand with yet another woman. 

Scott’s not too worried about Sofia breaking up with him, with the source saying, “He even thinks she might change her mind. He isn’t really taking it seriously.”


Sofia, do yourself a favour and find yourself a guy who is loyal…



Scott has since taken to Instagram Stories to shut the breakup rumours down, saying, "We had no idea we broke up but thanks for thinking of us."

Let's note how he clarified they didn't break up, not that he didn't cheat...


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