Reports: Karl Stefanovic Settles Divorce For $6 Million

Reports reveal divorce settlements.

Reports: Karl Stefanovic Settles Divorce For $6 Million

A year on from his split with wife Cassandra Thorburn, Karl Stefanovic has reportedly finalised his divorce, with Cassandra thought to be receiving a settlement of $6 million in assets and cash. 

News Corp has reported that Karl will be walking away with approx. $500,000 in cash and assets, as well as a Mercedes

Karl apparently did not put up any resistance to the negotiations, willing to walk away with nothing.

It is thought that Karl earns around $3 million per year. 

A family friend spoke with News Corp, saying, “There was always the sense that it would be a big settlement and obviously not in his favour. 

“He was quite prepared to walk away with nothing, hand everything over with the one condition that he be able to see his children whenever he wanted, and I think they have managed to agree on that.”

Settlement is thought to have been reached before Karl departed to the U.S on a holiday. 

Karl has previously spoken about the split, revealing, "For me personally I would definitely have failures in a husband sense and hope that I can rectify my failures as a dad ... I hope I can try and rebuild whatever has happened in the past and try and make the most of what I can do with them in the future."

Karl has made no comments on the terms or settlements.