Pink’s Husband Just Got Her The BEST Present

He knows her so well!

Pink’s Husband Just Got Her The BEST Present

Image Credit: Instagram @ Pink.

There’s no denying that Pink (born Alecia Beth Moore) is one of the most inspirational women around Tinseltown. 

She’s strong, speaks her mind, goes after her dreams, and has an amazing family to both support and to be supported by. 

So it’s not surprise that when it comes to couples, we love Pink and her husband, and after learning about the present he got her during the birth of their most recent child we love them even more. 

Carey Hart decided to mix things up when deciding on a ‘Push Present’ for his wife. 

If you didn’t know, a push present is a present a partner gives to the mother to mark the special occasion of her giving birth to their child. 

Instead of giving Pink something more common, like jewellery or something cosy, Carey built his wife her very own motorcycle. 

Yes, a freakin’ custom motorcycle!

Pink took to Instagram to share a pic of her gift, saying, 

“Thanks @hartluck for the push present 💕 I give you babies and you build me motorcycles. Some girls like diamonds, I like heavy metal and carbon-fiber and chrome 😉"


Oh our beating hearts, he knows her so well.

These two are perfect together.