Paris Hilton’s Brother Arrested Over Stalking Charges

Conrad faces three years in prison.

Paris Hilton’s Brother Arrested Over Stalking Charges

Image Credit: Instagram @ Conrad Hilton / Paris Hilton. 

The 2000’s were the era of Paris Hilton taking over our television screens and gossip magazines, and now her brother Conrad Hilton has been thrust into the middle of a controversial arrest after reports of stalking his ex partner. 

Conrad was arrested for breaking a restraining order his ex girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon had taken out against him. 

He had allegedly turned up to her house in a Bentley which he stole from Hunter's father.

According to reports, he attempted to break into the premises. 

Conrad is thought to have stolen Rick Salomon’s Bentley on the way to Hunter’s residence. 

Rick Solomon was the man who starred in Paris Hilton’s infamous 2001 sex tape.

The LAPD arrived at the scene at 4.50am on Saturday, after having received a 911 call, and took Conrad into custody. 

He has now been charged with violating the restraining order and felony grand theft auto. 

Conrad now potentially faces up to three years in prison and is being held on $60,000 bail.