Miley Cyrus Is Completely Naked In New Image From Celebrity Photobook

The book is available in November...

Miley Cyrus Is Completely Naked In New Image From Celebrity Photobook @mileycyrus Instagram / David LaChapelle

Miley Cyrus has caught the internet's attention again as new images of her from an acclaimed photographer's new coffee table book.

The singer posed for David LaChapelle's new book Lost + Found and the results have got everyone in a spin!

One image shows Miley in a sheer bodysuit with crystals covering her delicates and big, beautiful rainbow butterfly wings spread behind her... to be honest, she looks like an actual fairy here!

Image: David LaChapelle

This photograph is the cover of the new book and will no doubt stop bookstore customers in their tracks.

The second image is a bit more daunting.

In the other photo, Miley is in a jail cell reaching for the window completely naked.

Image: David LaChapelle

The picture places Miley in a very vulnerable place, something David may have picked up on from her tumultuous career.

She has been vulnerable to the media from a very young age and this photo seems to be a large metaphor for her experience with fame.

David LaChapelle is a world-renowned photographer best known for his unconventional images.

Lost + Found will be available to purchase in November and as well as these incredible images of Miley, the book will also feature photos of Pamela Anderson, David Bowie, Naomi Campbell, Hillary Clinton, Chris Rock and many other famous faces.