Lisa Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage In Emotional Letter To Her Fellow Women

"It haunts me still..."

Lisa Wilkinson Opens Up About Her Miscarriage In Emotional Letter To Her Fellow Women @lisawilkinson / @camillafranks Instagram

Today Show presenter Lisa Wilkinson has opened up about her heartbreaking miscarriage in an open letter to women who are trying to conceive after the age of 40.

She felt compelled to share her experience after her friend and fashion designer Camilla Franks slammed medical advice telling her fans to not fear being an older mother.


Camilla told The Daily Telegraph that she didn't listen to doctors advice after they told her she should explore IVF.

"It was the wrong advice.

"And it wasn't fair and it wasn't true and I was told I had to potentially go down the path of IVF and it was absolute BS.

"So I think, take a lot of it with a grain of salt".

Lisa disagreed with this statement, explaining in her letter that women over the age of 40 do struggle when it comes to pregnancy and she learnt this first hand.

"The heartbreaking truth is, the road to motherhood for women in their 40s is overwhelmingly littered with broken dreams and 'I'll get to it later' regrets, with statistics showing that one in four women experiences difficulty falling pregnant from the age of 35.

"And by 40, a woman's odds of falling pregnant in her next cycle -- providing she is doing absolutely everything possible for that to happen -- are just five percent.

"I weep.

"For, as it happens, my own experiences accord exactly with the medical advice: don't leave having babies too late."


Lisa went on to explain that when she turned 40, conceiving became increasingly harder for her.

She fell pregnant with her fourth child on her birthday but was devastated to find out that the baby "hadn't made it past eight weeks".

"Nothing prepared me for the sadness to come -- and frankly, it haunts me still."


The presenter and her husband attempted to conceive again and after they received the same result, her gynecologist told her that her eggs "were just too old".

"The fact that this has not happened to Camilla Franks is absolutely wonderful, and I wish her all the very best for the rest of her pregnancy, and a beautiful healthy baby at the end of it all.

"But, as one who has had so many friends in their 40s who would have loved to conceive but been unable to, I would strongly advise women to consult their doctors and listen carefully to what they say.

"Yes, of course, conception and a successful birth is possible in your 40s. But it isn't easy, can often involve heartache, and should not be described any other way."