Kylie Gilles Opens Up About Her Skin Cancer Treatment As A Warning To Fans

"I beg you not to wait..."

Kylie Gilles Opens Up About Her Skin Cancer Treatment As A Warning To Fans Image: @kyliegillies Instagram

The Morning Show's Kylie Gillies has taken to social media to urge fans to pay more attention to possible skin cancer spots.

The presenter took to Instagram to share her her own experience with skin cancer, something she hadn't shared previously.

Kylie has a spot under her right eye for quite a while and said she ignored it for 18 months because she was concerned about what the treatment would entail.

She posted two photos showing the spot before and after the treatment she ended up having which she said was like a "chemo cream".


"This is me rocking an Actinic Keratosis.

"On the left is what it originally looked like. Barely a spot.. so I ignored it for 18 months because I was frightened of what the treatment would be.


"I realise the pic on the right LOOKS scary, but that was 2 weeks into treatment. And it was able to be completely covered by makeup.

"I had no days off work. Even on TV.

"I'm sharing these ugly pics so that you know you DON'T necessarily have to get these sunspots 'burnt' off. 

"My treatment was a cream; a kind of 'chemo' cream. My doctor, Dr Natasha Cook, realised i needed the solution to be the least invasive possible.

"If ignored, these spots can turn cancerous so I beg you not to I did. And now, 5 weeks later? There's not even a mark. 

"Obviously I'm no expert..just a TV chick..but just worth asking the question of your doctor."

Most skin cancer spots are ignored and can become quite vicious if left untreated.

So listen to Kylie's advice and get your spots checked out guys!