Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Having Baby Number 4!

Will they call it 'East'? Apple?

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Having Baby Number 4! Instagram @ Kim Kardashian West

Rumours were abound last week that Kim Kardashian was planning to have a fourth baby. 

We all had our guesses over which left-of-field name she will surely choose this time around - will it be East? Will it be New York?

Considering they’ve favoured some unusual names thus far, hoping for a ‘Jack’ or ‘Ashley’ or any normal name seemed off the cards. 


After all of our speculating, Kim has now opened up about the rumours to E! to set the record straight. 

"I don't know, I don't know, I read that, I read something...none of that was true."But I've been really open about it and talked about it on our show, so...I don't know. 

"We start filming season 16 next week, so if I think about it more and it's gonna happen, you'll definitely see it on the show. But as of now, no."

While Kim says ‘as of now, no’, she goes on a lot about maybe talking about it in KUWTK… 

So are we going to get a big bombshell dropped on us in the new season?!

We must watch to find out… They sure know how to get fans hooked. 


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