Kim K Banked $10 Mil In A Single Day & We Can’t Deal With How She Did It

Damn, she's got some loyal fans.

Kim K Banked $10 Mil In A Single Day & We Can’t Deal With How She Did It

The one and only Kimmy K has just pocketed some serious bank and damn, girl got some loyal fans. 

Say what you will about Kim Kardashian and the fam, but there's no denying that the entire Kardashian clan are some fierce female business bosses. 

Kris Jenner manages the entire family, who just signed a $150 million dollar deal with E!Kylie Jenner has built an entire beauty empire worth over $400 million at the young age of 20, and well, Kimmy K is kicking similar serious money goals. 

Like, making-$10-mil-in-a-single-day kind of money goals. 

So, how did she make that much? 

Her first three perfumes from her own beauty brand KKW Fragrance went on sale world wide. 

Why can we not deal with it?

Well, no one has actually smelt the perfume and yet, $10 million dollars worth of sales were made. 

That is how powerful this woman is. She could literally be bottling bong water... and she would have made TEN MILLION DOLLARS. 


Although, while customers have yet to smell what they'll soon be spritzing themselves in daily, they have at least been able to use their imagination from Kim's sensual descriptions of the scents. 

Crystal Gardenia, for example, supposedly smells like - “a voluptuous, lush and feminine fragrance. Crystal gardenia offers a top note of water lily evoking a lush, wet pettily effect to the opening.”

While the description for Crystal Gardenia Citrus reads - “a bright, fresh floral bouquet capturing all stages of a flower… from the sparkling citrus, green bud to the delicate freshness of a newly opened blossom.” 

And finally, Crystal Gardenia Oud - “opens with captivating top notes of bergamot and lavender, while a blend of exquisite red rose and inviting jasmine is highlighted by soft spices lending to the floral depth.” 

I mean, to be fair... they do sound pretty good. 

They're not all sold out yet either! If you feel like getting your hands on a "voluptuous, lush and feminine fragrance" then head to KWW Fragrance's  website!