Katy Perry Just Announced Her Brand New TV Role

We didn't see this coming...

Katy Perry Just Announced Her Brand New TV Role

Image Credit: ABC

Well, well, well…. It looks like Katy Perry is well and truly giving it her all this era... she just announced an exciting TV role.

To be honest, we really didn’t see this coming at all, but we're so here for this.

This morning, Katy has revealed that she will be a judge on America Idol in their upcoming season.

If you’re confused, yes, American Idol did finish… but yeah, it’s coming back on a new network.


Katy released a statement with ABC saying, “I am honoured and thrilled to be the first judge bringing back the American Idol tradition of making dreams come true for incredible talents with authentic personalities and real stories… I'm always listening to new music, and love discovering diamonds in the rough—from mentoring young artists on my label, or highlighting new artists on my tours, I want to bring it back to the music.”

We can’t wait for this!

It’s no secret that Katy has had an incredible amount of success… so it will be amazing to hear her words of wisdom being passed down to future artists.