Karl Stefanovic Blew Up Over Marriage Equality On The Today Show This Morning

"Pull your fingers out in Canberra"

Karl Stefanovic Blew Up Over Marriage Equality On The Today Show This Morning

Image: Channel Nine

Today Show host Karl Stefanovic sent out a loud and clear message of his stance on marriage equality in Australia this morning.

It was recently announced the Liberal Government has decided to again try to hold a postal plebiscite on legalising same-sex marriage, despite Australia’s calls for the vote to be decided in Parliament. 

Karl, however, does NOT agree with this decision.

"A non-binding, non-compulsory postal vote is complete BS,” he opened up his rant with.

"Why do we elect officials if not to make decisions that reflect our beliefs?

"Pull your fingers out in Canberra and get on with it. Let’s just look at this simply, confidently and compassionately. Why are we stopping people loving each other in a world which should be celebrating love over hate? This is a no-brainer.

"This is more about the fear and naivety of non-gay people than anything to do with the problem of gay marriage.

"Most importantly, in the nation's capital, it has become a political football. It’s less about the real issue and all about the chest-beating and posturing of politics.

"When energy prices are through the roof, business confidence is low, and many can’t find a home to live in, politicians have real issues to deal with.

"So I implore them to do it. Vote in parliament. Say ‘yes’ to gay marriage, and let’s live happily ever after.”

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