Justin Bieber Tells Fans Why He & Hailey Were Crying In Public

Amen to this!

Justin Bieber Tells Fans Why He & Hailey Were Crying In Public Instagram @ Justin Bieber

Photos of newly engaged couple Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin crying have been popping up everywhere this week, showing the duo looking emotionally distressed as they embrace one another. 

A private moment of them was captured by paparazzi as they were out and about in New York. 


They were spotted breaking down together during another time also. 

To clear up any rumours of a break up, Justin Bieber answered a pap’s question about why the two were getting so emotional in public. 

TMZ reported that, while taking pics of him, Justin held a book up to the camera called ‘The Meaning of Marriage’ and answered “This.”

The photographer then proceeded to say, “What is that? Timothy Keller.”

Justin then explained to him how it’s natural and normal for couples to go through ups and downs in their life together, and that both of their fans shouldn’t be concerned by their emotional public displays. 

"You got good days and you got bad days.

”It's not real if it doesn't have any bad days." 

True that, Justin. If only more people realised that in relationships!

We’re so happy these two have found love in one another!


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