Justin Bieber’s List Of On-Tour Requests Has Been “Leaked” & Wow

12 white handkerchiefs

Justin Bieber’s List Of On-Tour Requests Has Been “Leaked” & Wow

Justin Bieber's supposed tour rider has been 'leaked' and mate, suuuuuuurely this isn't true? 

Every now and then, a celebrity's tour rider goes viral and tbh, they quite often look like the shopping list of someone with extreme OCD. Well, in a way, that's not too far from the truth because they're actually a list of celebrities' extremely specific requests whilst on tour or backstage. 

Well, the latest list to be 'leaked' is none other than JB's and all we're thinking (other than "U SRS, Justin?") is, SURELY this is fake. 

Currently touring India, here's the alleged list of what Justin needs handy at all times: 

  • Five dishes per day “renamed after his popular songs”
  • A licensed female masseuse
  • 10 luxury sedans
  • Two Volvo buses
  • “Items like a ping pong table, Playstation, IO HAWK [hoverboard], sofa set, washing machine, refrigerator, upholstery, wardrobe cupboard, massage table”
  • Redesigned hotel suite with Mogul paintings, antique furniture and Kashmiri bedroom linen, all adored with purple carnations
  • An Indian Yoga Casket containing aromatic essential oils
  • Health foods “like coconut water, almond milk, strawberry and vanilla protein powder, raw organic honey, decaffeinated herbal teas, fresh fruit”
  • 12 white handkerchiefs
  • 24 still water bottles
  • 24 alkaline water bottles
  • Four energy drinks
  • Six vitamin water bottles
  • Six cream sodas
  • Vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce
  • Watermelon gum
  • A large packet of ‘Swedish Fish’ lollies
  • Multiple packs of Haribo Cola Gummies
  • Books on chakras and yoga asanas
  • Cans of wild berries
  • Vanilla room fresheners
  • Dove body wash
  • Hydrating lip balms
  • Fresh flowers (no lilies)
  • Scented candles

Listen, it's easy for us to judge... but then again, we've never lived a life where we can get hover boards and Indian yoga caskets on demand... so... 

Do you think Justin's alleged list of requests is OTT? Let us know!