Georgia Love CRINGES Over Male Stripper’s Pick-Up Line

What's the WORST you've heard?

Georgia Love CRINGES Over Male Stripper’s Pick-Up Line Today Show / Channel Nine

Georgia Love, as you’d expect, has had plenty of awkward moments when it comes to the dating realm. 

Mostly due to the fact we all got to witness her mini-dates with her suitors on her season of The Bachelorette!

You’d think by now she would be used to the pick-up lines and awkward methods of showing interest, but nope!

The starlet took to the Today show this week and revealed the worst pick-up line she has ever received… and it came from a male-stripper!




“The worst I have had was a guy who, he was a male stripper and he came up to me, and he genuinely thought it would be classy…

“He said: ‘I am just really sick of women only wanting me for my body, so I have decided I like you and want to get to know you before I show you my body to win you over.”

It hasn’t been revealed just who the guy was, but you’ve got to give him credit for his confidence. 

Let us know what the most awkward pick up lines that YOU’VE heard are, in the Facebook comments!!!