Ed Sheeran’s Doppelgänger Has Us SHOOK

It's a hard life...

Ed Sheeran’s Doppelgänger Has Us SHOOK

Ed Sheeran has sung his way into our heart with his lulling vocals, and there’s one guy who’s wooing over ladies all because he’s Ed’s doppelgänger. 

But look may be deceiving, because the alikeness is making life very difficult for the man… 

Wesley Byrne recently appeared on This Morning in the U.K, where he discussed all the ins and outs of being Ed’s look-alike. 

"It started when I was on a night out and this random guy was adamant that I was him.

"He asked me to sing something and I had to show him my passport to prove I wasn't him."


While it might seem like a dream to look like Ed, apparently Byrne’s getting into a bit of trouble at work for taking photos with ‘fans’. 

He’s also opened up about how hard it is to tell tweens that he’s not actually the real Ed, in turn breaking their little hearts… 

While it might be hard to live the life of a doppelgänger, we’re sure he loves the perks of it.