Details Of Abuse From Kendall Jenner’s Stalker Revealed

Reports released

Details Of Abuse From Kendall Jenner’s Stalker Revealed

New court documents have been released, which detail the extent of abuse that Kendall Jenner faced from the man who stalked her.

Kendall has been in the process of attaining a restraining order against 62-year-old Thomas Hummel, who has been sending her letters of a threatening nature every day since February. 

The man has claimed that he met 21-year-old Kendall when she was 3-years-old in a Costco shop, and has been in love with her since then. 

TMZ reported that his letters also reference an instance where he “met” her when she was 13, in a post office. 


His letters to Kendall reportedly beg her to respond and when she has not they have turned to threats using decretory language. 

The messages also see him refer to Kendall as an “internet wh*re,” and he continues to label her actions as “purile and self-centred.” 

One of the letters reads, “You seem to be of money and crassness. Is it fun?

“You’ve been living like this for years. 

“You seem to think that piles of money justify anything.”

On top of his declarations of love to Kendall, and the threats, he also reveals conspiracy theories he believes to be true, such as one that mother Kris Jenner has been plotting to have Kendall sexually assaulted at a birthday party. 


Kendall's requests for a restraining order have now been granted, meaning Hummel is to stop all contact with the star and is prohibited from coming within 100 yards of her. 

If you fear for your own or another’s safety, please contact the police immediately.