Carrie Bickmore’s Fears For Her Two-Year-Old Daughter

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Carrie Bickmore’s Fears For Her Two-Year-Old Daughter

Image Credit: Channel Ten.

Growing up these days, children are surrounded by images and notions of what they should and shouldn’t be, constantly being told that they aren’t good enough. 

It is this harsh reality that has Carrie Bickmore fearing for what her two-year-old daughter’s future will be. 

The mum took to Channel Ten’s The Project to discuss her fears, saying that it’s really a “lost cause” for her daughter to ever have a healthy body image, with the way society is at the moment. 


While discussing Taryn Brumfitt’s body positive documentary Embrace, Carrie opened up about her own doubts in terms of her body image and how this has prevailed despite being surrounded by positive role models growing up. 

“When I think about growing up, I didn’t grow up in a family that focused on body image, weight, or anything.

“Yet I still have days, hours, moments, where I look in the mirror and know how I think and feel about myself - let alone my daughter, who’s growing up in this world.

“I actually feel… What is the world going to - how are they going to feel about themselves?”

Like many, Carrie believes this problem will only get worse over time in the current media landscape, raising concerns that many parents hold for their daughters AND sons.

“What can I do as a mum to make sure she grows up with a good body image? I don’t know. I feel like it’s a lost cause.”


In a push to change this perception, the documentary Embrace aims to expose how damaging low self-esteem is for the population, and different ways in which we can all work towards a more positive society. 

Do you fear for the future of your child’s perception of themselves? Or for your own perception of yourself? 

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