Britney & Xtina Were In A Love Triangle W/ Justin Timberlake

Imagine what could have been!

Britney & Xtina Were In A Love Triangle W/ Justin Timberlake Walt Disney

Throwback to a time when Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the hottest things on the planet, then rewind a little more to when they were sparkling little youngin’s who were belting out tunes as members of the Mickey Mouse Club. 

Well, not only were they bright young things, but it turns out there was a secret love triangle going on that could have seriously turned the tables of history if things went differently!

During her segment on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke this week, she revealed some juicy goss from her younger days. 

James asked if she had a crush on Ryan Gosling while she was in the club (yep, he was in it, too!), and she revealed that she didn’t as she was far too taken with JT. 

“Even back then, he had swag.

“There was me and Britney - well now, you know - there was a thing way back then.”

That’s right, they had a mini pre-teen love triangle going on that surely must have ruffled some feathers between the two girls as they vied for Justin’s heart. 

She then revealed that Ryan had a crush on Britney!

“I know Ryan pretty much… he did have a crush on Britney.”

Imagine if these two got together, instead of the iconic JT and Brit duo?!


The full carpool segment isn’t out for us to view yet, but stay tuned! 

Who were YOUR crushes as a tween? Let us know in the Facebook comments!

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