Aussie 13 Reasons Why Star’s First Job Is Straight Up STRAYA

You may have seen her!

Aussie 13 Reasons Why Star’s First Job Is Straight Up STRAYA

Image Credit: Netflix.

21-year-old Katherine Langford has become a household name after her role in the eye-opening series 13 Reasons Why. 

Hailing from Perth, Australia, the actress has recently opened up in an interview about her first ever jobs, and some of them are straight up Straya!

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly with her co-star Dylan Minnette, Katherine explained her weirdest jobs and we can definitely relate!


"First I was a bartender at a nightclub which was very interesting.

"Then I was a bartender slash waitress at this kind of pub and then I was an usher which was a cool transfer to film."

Hands up any Perth people who were served by the one and only Katherine Langford!

Katherine even had a gig where she had to dress up as the Easter Bunny in school holidays and walk around shopping centres, plus run craft activities for kids. 

To anyone who saw the Easter Bunny around the shops in Perth, chances are it was Katherine...

This just proves that it doesn't matter how bad your first job is, you can still be destined for success!

While her bar days are over, we are definitely keen to see her in her next role!