Alexander Skarsgård Has Had A Haircut & Um...

What are we looking at?

Alexander Skarsgård Has Had A Haircut & Um... HBO / @rexdanger Instagram

Remember that wonderfully gorgeous man that Nicole Kidman kissed in front of her husband?

His name is Alexander Skarsgård and he is everything. 


Now, he is beautiful and his brothers are beautiful too.

This family has some damn good genes!

But the actor has stepped out sporting a new do that not everyone is keen on...

Prepare yourselves!


Yes, that is Alexander's head.

Now, not many people know about his Instagram account, so no one got the full effect of his new ~lewk~ until he stepped out at an event in New York City...


Now, we're assuming that he's shaved his head for a role, which you know, actors do from time to time.

But the thing is... we don't know that for sure!

Maybe he likes the new look?

Either way, the internet is having a field day with it and frankly, if it is for a role, he better win an Oscar!