7 Times Mariah Carey Was The Biggest Diva On the Planet

You know you want to be her...

7 Times Mariah Carey Was The Biggest Diva On the Planet Allure

We don't know if you know this, but today is Mariah Carey's birthday and we cannot believe this woman has blessed the earth with her presence for 48 years (yes, that's how old she's turning today!).

In celebration of Mariah, we thought we'd take a look at her most ~diva~ moments because let's be real, no one will ever be as extra as Mariah, even though we kind of wish we were.

This is only a short list, but we know that the list should be a hell of a lot longer...

1. When She Was Wheeled On Stage Because She Didn't Want To Walk In Heels 


Yes, this happened. This incredible moment was presented to the world in December last year when her docu-series Mariah's World premiered on E!

2. Played A Live Version Of Her Song 'Fantasy' So Her Children Could Be Born Hearing A Standing Ovation 


Mariah spilled this news on Instagram just over a year ago, saying "I can't believe it's been six years since you two came into this world to the live version of Fantasy.. 'the applause!!!' I love you both more each day. You are the light of my life"

3. When She Showed Off Her Lingerie Wardrobe 

In August last year, Mariah took Vogue into her closet and revealed that she has an entire wardrobe just for lingerie! DAHHHLING!

4. When She Told A Backup Singer To Stop Singing So Loudly Mid-Way Through A Performance

Whilst performing 'Touch My Body' on Good Morning, America, Mariah had no time for anyone who wanted to steal her spotlight.

5. When She Wouldn't Let Keith Urban Forget That She Sang The Most Popular Christmas Song Ever


When Keith Urban was a judge on American Idol with Mariah, she didn't let him forget just how important she is...

6. When She Barely Moved During A Live Performance 'Cause She Didn't Give AF


What. A . BOSS!

7. When She Wore Sunglasses Everywhere She Went, Every Day Of Her Life


She knows what looks good on her!

Happy birthday, Mariah!