The 10 Best Eurovision Performances To Get You Ready For The Grand Final!

They're weird and wonderful!

The 10 Best Eurovision Performances To Get You Ready For The Grand Final! SBS

Earlier this morning, we found out that our girl Jessica Mauboy had qualified for the Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final, which means one of two things: that Australia really has made an impression on the people of Europe... and that we all need to be up at 5am now.

The final airs on SBS this Sunday and to prepare you for the spectacle (and it truly is a spectacle) we've collected the ten best Eurovision performances ever for you to drink in before the big morning.

Now, Eurovision has been happening for 63 years, so, narrowing it down to only ten performances was extremely hard, so if you think there's one we've missed, pop it in the comments!

So, without further adeiu, the best Eurovision has to offer:

Elena Paparizou, Greece 2005

The best part of this performance was how she blended the pop music of the time with traditional Greek dances and instrumentation (kind of...).

Loreen, Sweden 2012

This girl won the contest in 2012 and that's probably because this song will actually give you chills!

Verka Serduchka, Ukraine 2007

Try watching this and not having a great time. These guys just had fun with their performance and to be honest, we kind of want to join them on stage...

Lordi, Finland 2006

These guys actually won the contest in 2006 and man, how awesome are those costumes! GWAR would be proud...

ABBA, Sweden 1974

As if we would leave ABBA out of this... Sing it with us: "Waterloo!!!"

Buranovskiye Babushki, Russia 2012

These loveable ladies came second in 2012 behind Loreen, clearly 2012 was a good year for Eurovision.

Donatan & Cleo Poland, 2014

So suggestive, but it's also so badass! We don't know what it is, but there are so many reasons to love this performance!

Gina G United Kingdom, 1996

We've all danced to this song at a party or school disco. It's such a classic '90s song, when you think of the decade, you think of this song.

Guy Sebastian Australia, 2015

Um.... do we need to say too much about this? 2015 was the first year we were in the competition and we came fifth! GO, GUY!

Dami Im, Australia 2016

Then, the next year, Dami Im blew everyone away and got us to second place! WOW!

The Eurovision Grand Final will be on SBS this Sunday at 5am.

But if you can't be bothered getting up that early, and you can avoid spoilers for a day, then you can also watch the catch-up at 7pm.


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