Taylor Swift Has Performed Her 'Reputation' Songs Live For The First Time

It was FIRE!

Taylor Swift Has Performed Her 'Reputation' Songs Live For The First Time Mary Ellen Matthews via @taylorswift Instagram

Today, Taylor Swift performed two songs off her new album Reputation in front of a live audience for the very first time (not including the people who watched her sing in her house).

Taylor was the musical guest on the American comedy show Saturday Night Live and well, she's definitely not the sweet little girl we thought she was, well, not anymore.

The first song she performed on the show was '... Ready For It?' and not only did she look very bada%$ dancing with her backup singers, but she also had them rub their hands all over her body which is not something we've seen Taylor do before...


The dancing was pretty on point though and again, something very different from Taylor's previous performances.

We probably should also mention that she used a gold microphone that had a snake on it as well...



Later in the show, Taylor performed an acoustic version of her track 'Call It What You Want' to a quiet studio.

It was haunting.


The acoustic performance was also a bit of a throwback to the old Taylor so that was just the cherry on top of this whole performance pie!


Now... when's this Reputation tour happening so we can see this up close for ourselves?!