Some Info Has Been Dropped About Taylor Swift’s New Album

We must stay calm...

Some Info Has Been Dropped About Taylor Swift’s New Album

Image Credit: Big Machine Records

To be honest, it seems like it’s been about 84-years since we have heard from Taylor Swift… but thankfully, the drought might soon be over.

Fans have literally gone into meltdown mode today after PEOPLE Magazine released some god damn beautiful information about Taylor’s new album.


A source revealed to the mag that, “[She] is very excited about her new album. She can’t wait to share with her fans later this year."


Rumours suggest the album will be out around October!


It’s no secret that Taylor has had a hectic few years; the success of her last album 1989 was unheard of, following the release of the album, she continued to break record after record all across the world.

After the hype of 1989, Taylor decided to take a step away and give the media some time to breathe after she was attacked time and time again for no reason.

The source added, “Taylor made the conscious choice to disappear… She was feeling overexposed and like things were almost spiraling out of control. She’s being low-key and secretive [right now] because it makes her happy.”

They also added even though she has taken some time away from the spotlight, "[She] has surrounded herself with close friends who support her. She seems very happy."

We are so happy that Taylor is in a good place and creating new music!


Come back soon, we miss you!