Ricki-Lee Is Back And She Gives Zero Effs What You Think!

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Ricki-Lee Is Back And She Gives Zero Effs What You Think! Supplied

Since she blasted herself into our lives on Australian Idol, Ricki-Lee has given us two things. An amazing voice and an incredible attitude when it comes to what people think of her.

Now she's back with her new single 'Unbothered' that cements that frame of mind.

*WARNING contains coarse language*


‘Unbothered’ is a bop and might sound sweet, but the lyrics pack one hell of a punch:

“I don’t care enough to hate you, I’m just unbothered, hating you is energy, now I’m spending it all on me/ Chillin’ with my apathy, don’t give a f*ck about you and me.”

It’s a song about knowing your worth, valuing your time and being too busy for drama. Whether it’s a crappy break-up or a bad friend, Ricki-Lee wants her fans to know they don’t have to put up with anything that brings them down.

When talking about the song, Ricki-Lee says, “You can’t waste your life away letting shitty people rule your emotions and rule your happiness. I would love if ‘Unbothered’ is a song that people listen to when they need a bit of a pep talk.”

Grab your copy of 'Unbothered' here.

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