Original Red Wiggle Murray Cook Relives The Glory Days In Punk Music Video

Hot potato included!

Original Red Wiggle Murray Cook Relives The Glory Days In Punk Music Video IOHYOUMUSIC YouTube

If you grew up in the 1990s, you would remember the original Wiggles lineup with Jeff, the purple Wiggle, falling asleep everywhere, Anthony, the blue Wiggle, eating 24/7, Murray, the red Wiggle, shredding on his guitar and Greg, the yellow Wiggle, singing every single song.

These guys were heroes to every child under the age of 10 in the '90s and since the new lineup took the reigns, we haven't seen much of the original guys... until today.

Overnight, Brisbane rock band DZ Deathrays released a new music video for their song 'Like People' and Murray Cook is the star of the show, reliving his glory days in a red button-up shirt.

The music video shows him just hanging out in an empty hall (presumably setting up for a show of some sort), before a red shirt falls out of his blazer and he returns to his old guitar slinging self, dancing around the empty hall.

There are Wiggly-fingers, red guitars and an actual hot potato involved in the video and if you grew up with Murray as your red Wiggle, it'll either ruin your childhood or make you feel super nostalgic.


Either way, you have to admit that it's a damn good music video and I have so much more respect for Murray to be honest, especially since he was my favourite Wiggle as a kid (true story!).

The new Wiggles did watch it too and gave Murray a shout out on Twitter as well, because a performance like this NEEDS to be acknowledged:


Excuse me while I go and watch the original 'Hot Potato' video again...


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