Craig David Facts That Made Us SWOON Real Hard

He's still dreamy...

Craig David Facts That Made Us SWOON Real Hard Instagram @ Craig David

We’re all super excited for the upcoming RnB Friday’s LIVE event and have been playing all our fave RnB songs on repeat… 

And one of our faves comes from the super talented Craig David.


While you all know his music like the back of your hand, you might not know a few things about Craig David

So we will fill you in!
He would have been THE friend to have in your 20s

Craig once set up a night club in his own living room!

That small gathering was called TS5 and is now his trademark act! 

It’s even appeared at festivals all across the world.

Craig had a tough childhood, but powered through it

As a child, Craig was overweight and suffered a lot of hardship at the hands of bullies.

Despite the bullying, he paved a successful career for himself and showed them what he’s made of.  

He’s now a major gym junkie and says, “It went from one extreme to another,” as he is now addicted to going to the gym.

We’ve got a major love in common: Chocolate

We’ll get along with anyone who loves chocolate as much as we do!

Craig is a huge chocolate lover and his fave film is even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

His friend Katy B, who collab’d with him on a track, even described to NME that his apartment as being full of Ferrero Rocher

He’s the guy ALWAYS wearing sneakers

You know the guy who never wears anything but sneakers, or is absolutely obsessed with them?

Well, that’s Craig!

He actually has a whole cupboard in his dressing rooms specifically for his fave sneakers!

He’s got killer style, though. 

Craig David will be heading to Australia in October for RnB Friday’s LIVE 2017 with a bunch of his RnB mates, to check out the full lineup PLUS how to get your tickets, click here!