Cardi B Shared A Screenshot Of Her Bank Account 'Cause Haters

She's better... deal with it.

Cardi B Shared A Screenshot Of Her Bank Account 'Cause Haters @iamcardib Instagram

If there's one thing everyone should know by now, it's that there's no point messing with Cardi B because she will clap back VERY fast and it will be brutal.

A few haters were sneaking around the rapper's Instagram comments recently, saying that she couldn't afford to buy a Lamborghini, so Cardi snapped back at them by showing off the money she WAS able to drop on the sports car.


She took to Instagram to share a screenshot of her own bank statement and yep, she can afford that Lambo, guys... in CASH!:


Straight after she posted the photo, she tweeted that although she was still slightly annoyed about having to prove her wealth to people, that she was going to head to the studio.

So, expect an AMAZING diss track to the haters soon!


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