BREAKING: The Spice Girls Are Set For A Reunion Tour!

Say you'll be there!

BREAKING: The Spice Girls Are Set For A Reunion Tour!

Last week, the world collectively lost it’s shiz when Victoria Beckham posted a photo of our favourite ‘girl power’ goddesses all together again like old times.

Now, TMZ has reported that the ladies will be reuniting once again, embarking on a little tour!

Before we roll our eyes at ‘TMZ reports’, we must remember that the gossip site was also the first to report that Kylie Jenner was pregnant and are usually the first to get any sort of tip off, so we’re taking this one very seriously!

“Sources connected to the women tell us the meeting was for ‘rough planning’ and the goal is a world tour that will kick off in late summer,” the publication explained referring to last week’s meet up with former manager Simon Fuller.


So far, the only locations which have been mentioned are England and the U.S. but it’s said the tour is in the very early stages of planning so we will keep our ears out for ANY AND ALL updates regarding this important life event.

I’d also like to point out that Gerri Halliwell was a judge on Australia’s Got Talent and Mel B was a judge on our X-Factor so like… come ON!

Ps. Yes, a reunion with ALL five woman, that means Victoria too!


In other news, if the Spice Girls don’t come to Australia, I’ll be putting one of my kidneys up for sale soon in order to attend - so look out for that.

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